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Measure twice, cut once...Intro to Construction Class

File 003 7Members of Mr. Herrick's Intro to Construction class are busy with several projects - but the focus is always on safety first.  In this high-stakes, hands-on classroom, safety is a priority for many obvious reasons.  Students shared the safety protocols from safety goggles to machinery use and show a great level of respect for the power tools they have access to in order to make their work more efficient.  

File 003 6This year,  students are using the new SawStop table saw delivered to the lab at the beginning of the school year.  While it is a visually impressive piece of equipment, the safety features of this saw make it equally as powerful as students learn the ropes.  This Business Insider article, explains the technology used by inventor Steve Gass and includes a video demonstration of this incredible safety feature.   The blade can sense electrical conductivity and stops immediately if it senses a finger near or in the blade.  The technology aspect of this table saw is incredible and night and day from what you may remember from the 'old days' of industrial technology classes - you have to see this to believe it!  

On one project, students are working with our local Literacy Foundation to build Little Free Libraries which will be located at various spots around our community.  Students were given blueprints and  detailed instructions and have worked each day on learning the overall process.  Working in three separate groups, students have learned how to assess material needs, read blueprints, measure, cut, sand, and finally assemble the necessary pieces.  They are working diligently to fulfill the  order of twenty of the libraries which will be worked on each day during 4th, 5th, and 6th period class time.    Learn more about Little Free Libraries by visiting the website here.

File 001 6There are a few other special projects in the works as well.   James Weir, class member and Secretary of the MCHS FFA Chapter, shared with us he is working on a very special project for the FFA Convention coming up later this month.  "It is really cool that I can come to this class and create something that we will use as part of our chapter display", he shared.  We have asked James to follow up with pictures, so be sure to check back as we will update once the project is complete and the convention wraps up!

Introduction to Construction class is available to students in grades 10 through 12 and offers hands-on activities and real world experiences related to the skills essential in residential, commercial, and civil building construction.  Students are introduced to the history and traditions of construction trades.  Be sure to check out the full course description for this class and all others offered at MCHS found in our Course Curriculum Guide on our website.

Members of the 5th period class include Dalton Couch, Joseph Adam, James Weir, Kolin Hazelwood, Eli Brewer, Bergen Cornelius, Logan Ervin, and Logan Harden.
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