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Welcome to Madison Athletics

Hello and Welcome to Madison Athletics!

It is an honor to serve as the Director of Athletics for Madison Consolidated Schools. The ultimate goal of our athletic program is to develop Madison into the premier 3A athletic program locally, regionally, and ultimately state-wide. To achieve this goal, all coaches, athletes, and parents must understand that “success is a journey”. By focusing constantly on our daily goals, yearly goals, and our three-to five-year strategic plan; we will achieve our mission.

Everyday, each person associated with the Cub athletic program must ask and answer the questions:

1. “Did we improve today?”
2. “Are we better today than we were yesterday?”

As a team, if we cannot answer yes, we must examine our current processes, make an accurate assessment, and determine what we must do differently. Additionally, we must always try to do things better than we have ever done them before. It is important that all of us are goal oriented, driven to challenge ourselves daily to be better, and are never satisfied with anything less than our personal best. This goal cannot simply be a set of words. Hard work, dedication, and commitment must all enter the equation in order to promote growth and development. Otherwise we simply exist in a state of mediocrity.

Many of our student athletes are vigorously pursuing this goal. We have a strength training and athletic development program where the athlete’s mind, body, and spirit are continually challenged everyday. Coaches are working with athletes of all sports to build the skills of mental toughness, physical toughness, and love of sport. Much work remains in front of us and we are propelled by our spirit and passion for personal improvement.

Our head coaches and their assistant coaching staffs continue to hold themselves to higher levels of accountability, energy, and motivation. Regular, one-on-one meetings with our head coaches and quarterly meetings with our entire coaching staff promote the professional development component within our department. Many of our coaches are investing in the future of our athletic programs by conducting camps, clinics, and engaging with community sports feeder programs. The goal is to create excitement and increase participation which will lead to a greater number of trained athletes for all Madison sports.

Thank you to all parents and members of our community who support our athletic programs. The athletic department has implemented seasonal meetings with our parents and student athletes with the purpose to discuss Cub culture - the competitive conduct we expect and will continue to develop. Our goal is to create an effective communication process where positive environments lead to respectful interaction between coaches, parents and student athletes at all times.

It is a great time to be at Madison! Everyday I see leaders and members of our school and community striving to make Madison the best it can be. Thank you again, for all of your support as we continue to work to achieve our goals. I am honored to serve, and I am truly proud to be a Cub!


Joe Bronkella
Madison Athletic Director

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