Medical/Health Sciences

Once students enter junior high, a more concentrated career exploration focus begins and creates an opportunity for a more strategic curriculum alignment process to begin. Using the Indiana Career Explorer resource tool, students begin to explore the world around them and learn more about the many diverse and ever-expanding career opportunities available. Studies show that today's elementary aged students will be working in career fields that have not even been created as of today.

The career exploration tool guides students through a series of questions to determine what career fields align with their unique, innate abilities and interests, categorizes a series of examples of specific careers and broader fields of interest and explains what academic curriculum and skill sets are necessary to be successful in those fields. While we understand this can, and will likely, change, this early exploration provides a refined lens through which students can use to select classes which will give them insight into various fields of interest, at a younger age, helping to determine if it may be a long-term interest or something they realize is not a fit.

The Medical/Health Sciences pathway at Madison Consolidated High School provides a foundation from which some students will choose to continue their academic journey toward a two or four-year program. Soon, students may choose to earn a technical certification from Ivy Tech Community College while still in high school. This pathway leads to a wide range of possible careers  and combined with our PLTW curriculum and our strategic partnership with Ivy Tech, exposes students to opportunities within the region.

Careers in the medical and health sciences field are becoming more and more advanced. Regionally, the healthcare career sector offers high-demand, high-wage employment opportunities. Our goal is to align curriculum with students’ professional goals and area health care employer needs. With courses in biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and PLTW Biomedical, students will begin to explore their interests in careers ranging from direct patient care to research and develop to imaging and diagnostics. Students will also have opportunities for work-based internships and job shadowing.

With over half of the fastest growing occupations across the country in the health sciences field, Madison Consolidated High School students will be well-prepared to take advantage of this growing field.

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