Student Services Staff

Our goals are simple, provide a smaller group  of students per counselor which will allow more time to develop a more personalized working relationship with our students.

Our Counselors will work with a class cohort and remain with the same group of students for a three year period from their Freshman through Junior years.  During this time, our Counseling Team will work with students to further develop and fine-tune academic plans based on their career path interests.  Our Counselors will assist students with strategic academic course selection to align with each student's academic plan with the end goal to further develop meaningful, interactive relationships with students which will help better monitor attendance, grades, and overall student acheivement.

As Seniors, the class will move together and collaborate under the guidance of our Senior Counselor and College and Career Readiness Coordinator to focus on preparation for post-secondary education, technical certification, or workforce development based upon the student's desires and  four-year academic plan.  

Carrie Dickerson, School Counselor
Freshman Class of 2023
phone 812-274-8392
fax 812-274-8792

Janelle Smith
, School Counselor
Sophomore Class of 2022
phone 812-274-8398
fax 812-274-8798

Shareen Roberts, School Counselor
Junior Class of 2021
phone 812-274-8119
fax 812-274-8519

Jennifer Hensler, College & Career Readiness Coordinator
Senior Class Counselor
phone 812-274-8396
fax 812-274-8796

Nathasha Leahigh, Team Counselor
phone 812-274-8397
fax 812-274-8797

Diana Rusk, Administrative Clerk
phone 812-274-8391
fax 812-274-8791

Officer Jacob McVey, School Resource Officer
phone 812-274-8401
fax 812-274-8801

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